28 May 2015
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Boost your Immune System with Chiropractic Care – CBS NEWS.mp4

In today helpful learn how to best protect yourself and your family from the seasonal flu and h1n1, Doctor Austin Cohen is with the Cohen Chiropractic Center. Good afternoon Doctor.

Dr. Austin Cohen said, Great, thanks for having me.

Stephany Fisher: Yah, let’s start with shattering a miss about how we catch the flu and about germs.

Dr. Austin Cohen added, Absolutely and many people have the perception that germs on a single cause the disease and if that were the case then everyone the seek, everyone have the flu because germs are everywhere. So it is more important than germs is our body’s ability to fight off infection adapt to the environment and regulate the immune system.

Stephany Fisher: How can we do that?

Dr. Austin Cohen: Well there’s one system that controls the immune system and that’s our nervous system, which I brought this spine as a model
and partner systems comprise our brain which appear are spinal courtney’s delicate nerves that control and coordinate every function in our body. And there’s a condition out there known as vertebral subluxation which is when the spine mis a line and it puts pressure on these nerves not allow for proper communication from the brain down the spinal cord now to the rest their body and this decrease our body’s ability to a
fight off infection and regulate the immune system .

Stephany Fisher: now how often what I need to have this look at and have my spine adjusted in order to keep my body’s immune system healthy?

Dr. Austin Cohen: And the first thing we tell people is you wanna first to check to see even if you are can 24 chiropractic care, and there’s a couple ways that people can find out if they are kinds for chiropractic care and there’s two test they can do. Whenever wanna they can check the movement, movement is life and the more movement we have in our body the stronger are nervous system will be and of course our new system and what people can do they can turn to head to the left, turn their head to the right. If they moved equally then that’s a good sign. However one side moves more than the other, then that is the bad sign that they may want to get checked further from a chiropractor. And also you can also check your posture you want to close your eyes, and have someone look at you see if one shorter time the other if one has tilted to one side compared to the other and that’s a great indicator coz posture the window to respond and how our posture looks that’s pretty much how r spinal a point taken a trip to watch the perfectly straight.

Doctor Cohen, Thank you for you exposed today and for being here. To find out more information about h1n1 you can go to our website at cbs atlanta.com. When you get there scroll down to feature.

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