16 April 2015
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Chiropractic Adjustment. Subluxation in the news! an adjustment can minimize health costs

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Health beyond the Medicine, we sit down with the doctor here and the author of a new book about “Staying healthy while firm in the family’s health care budget”. They say everybody is talking about health care but nobody’s actually do anything about it. Don’t tell that to our next guest, he is got plenty of ideas about how to keep you healthy and going beyond traditional medicine.

Doctor Scott Patton is here with us this morning. Good to see you. Thanks Mark. What are the things that impressed me about your story. Your chiropractor, we talk a lot about chiropractic see how they contribute to overall health. But you have a story about your son, and where this all snap into focus for you. You know I am here to talk about it is the root cause a majority of help from the United States today. It is called “spinal subluxation”, it is often neglected in mainstream media. It so it is very real it is very serious. This is spine being out of alignment. Well in essence, It take to bones if they twist out a line that they can put pressure on a nerve wherever the destination that nerve goes to, whether be the head the intestines. It produces a hyperactivity or hyperactivity hyperactivity in the intestines is diarrhea hypoactive constipation in the head hyperactivity is a headache hypoactivity is fatigue or like headedness.

So this huge nerve is running down the middle the spot and the nervous branch of about going into every other part of the body. So I guess you would say Eastern medicine has kind of subscribe to this for a long time now. Thousands of years. And yet a western medicine we talk about this over and over again is still kind of resistant to falling embracing the notion. You know for emergency medicine we rank number one there is no argument I even support that in my book in and health and medicine however, for children who have ear infections, for children about asthma. Believe it or not any recess also known as bed wetting. Decreased resistance just by getting that spinal adjustment just by taking the pressure off that nerve in restoring balance. You can actually restore health to somebody and that was the case with my child. That your child suffered a life-threatening situation very early on.

Very scary you know it two days old he had kind a develop some health issues. He had some labored breathing, his lips were turned blue. He immediately was put in the ICU. Now, doctors ran test thorough test I mean that any specialist that you can imagine that would be associated with an pediatric ICU was running testing to my child. And you are being and health care, you are right they are making sure that they do everything they possibly can do. I tell you what went you even if your doctor you just scared for your child’s life. You just him overtake please save his life, but when one thing led to another after about five days all the specials the neonatologist comes back and says what all other tests were negative. And in I am not being dramatic for this TV interview I quote but he said by their fault we are assuming that this is acid reflux, we are gonna put on acid reflux medicine for blowing up for it for decreased oxygen.

And I felt like they were pulling at straws, so one thing led to another and I took him up out that ICU bed and I just gently just took the pressure off those nerves by Justin that is fine reduce those subluxations that I just referred to, and lo and behold his health problems completely subsided, they completely run away. And this is what I ask you this is what I ask all of your viewers, is sixteen thousand dollars worth the tests were run, okay, and thank God for the babies who needed those test run in the ICU.

But I really want to emphasize that is as you are talking about this, you are not saying do away with traditional. But you are saying, incorporate this into your healthcare regimen here. As you might say thousands and thousands dollars you might be much help here in the process. It was a forty dollar adjustment that save much how is life 16,000 I mean do you think health care would even be in issue right now. I mean if you multiply that times 10 2000 because surely this was an isolated case. I mean there is a lot of parents out there up kids who are getting that by default diagnosis. It is not fair I am on a crusade with this bookmark to get doctors take to get chiropractors on staff at all hospitals. I want kids to have the ability to have access to this form of health care.

And the name of this book is Help Beyond Medicine Chiropractic Miracle and again jump to the story of your son and branches of the net. I talk about the five factors of health, it is so important and here is this well and with. My kids eight-years-old, four years old, and two years old. They’ve never in their lives been on antibiotics. They have never had strep throat, never had sore throat, upper respiratory infection, ear infection, sinus infections, nothing. And so if you read this book if you practice what I talk about in health beyond medicine you will find health. And it is so much easier mark to deal with the curve balls that life throws at you, when you feel good. I know what that is about at this very moment I just took my eight hundred milligrams of ibuprofen for my need. Well you know if I got my AC our place that probably taken my eight hundred milligrams.

Thank you so much Doc, it is great to see you. It is a help beyond medicine, a chiropractic miracle, aside from being a doctor, Scott Paton. Thanks.

For more information, go to San Diego6.com and click on hot topics. And let us get over to you Renee. You know I am always thought about it then nothing else. A chiropractic adjustment always worked for me personally when I been out of alignment. Just in terms of discomfort. Good health benefits and a great big bonus for me.

From crazy neck and back pain said John, it is just a complete health overall that is incredible!

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