21 April 2015
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Chiropractic Case Study – Debilitating shoulder pain

My name is Joy Raymond, and I’m retired basically I have recovered from a very severe frozen shoulder, but I suffered from repairing chronic pain I couldn’t do house with gardening and on the most sorry and after he dropped off my home with one hand, and there was no way I could drive a manual car. I couldn’t travel in my husband’s four-wheel-drive of the heart suspension movement cause me a lot of pain, time I was very depressed I was told by painkillers everything was an infant, not being able to enjoy doing and things are normal wife of mother, grandmother, friend could do. not to be too being to done as you didn’t know how bad your pain was gonna was gonna be that day or the next. with that I would be able to calm to depend on others for a greatly have time for so much is also debilitating and frustrating.

That I would never get better, has given me back my life from being told to be careful and not to do very much from other health professionals to be able to garden with the East so which I so enjoy being able to clean my house myself and do most thing on joy and to enjoy my family I don’t want to think about it it would have I would have had to have a pain and problems which I would have had to been happy with relieving I need sixty percent of the pain.

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