16 May 2015
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Chiropractic in the News | Infertility and Chiropractic

The faith couples can spend thousands of dollars on infertility treatments, but some women are finding help from a very unlikely place .They’re hoping their fertility answers I simply an adjustment away the story is tonight’s women matter, they’ll okie I’m good it done in Eric’s trail oh I have a new reason to smile these days I was so excited I can’t I can we got their site don was pregnant and it was just there was wonderful and great news. This couple had waited a long time to hear Dawn said she struggled with fertility until she began working with the chiropractor, she says after just three months she got pregnant I wasn’t sure what to think, but I thought it was at least help, if nothing else but after a while coaches says he’s helped about forty women conceive through chiropractic treatments.

I have one daughter my own and I said I have approximate 35 or 40 other children and that when whitman able to help so I have for some cats doctor could say yes is this she to check a woman spine is misaligned he says adjustments can help the nerve root that goes to the ovaries were properly 0101 to that the female organs that work on wasn’t working right only adjust to that we allow that nerve to work right that’s the body could function properly. and I cases over it so co she says not every woman with a misalignment will have success with treatment I love to say that every health professional assassin everything but it’s not how gorgeous another tool in the toolbox of health care to humanity choir shower ok but for those that has worked for the treatment has to be answer to their prayers.

He goes he just light up the ramp and he’s just such a blessing to ask them to so many people it’s it’s really of the night a study published in a Cal PAC 10 Journal found 14 at a fifty women with a history of fertility problems get become pregnant after starting chiropractic adjustments if you have a story idea of a woman that I’d love to hear from you give me a call at five 5442 or send me an email to a mall or at KPT and dot com.

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