7 June 2015
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Chiropractic in the News : Nursing Infants

If your baby was having problems nursing, for example would you even think about taking them to a chiropractor? Well a new study showing that parents are turning to alternative medicine more and more for their children. Going local six health reporter Jenny Hansen shows SM tonight Health Watch.

Seven-month-old Lei Anderson has not had any issues nursing and her mom says chiropractic care is the reason why. Kidiatric Chiropractor Elise Hewitt treated all for a girls various issues. She says when the joint in the spine or cranium gets locked up they can irritate the entire nervous system. In 2007 survey showed that three percent of children as seen in chiropractic for various problems. That is two to three million kids, not to say that doctor Hewitt, they should come to her practice for everything.

Mayel’s oldest daughter Katrina has had a few spills and always feels better after seen doctor Hewitt. Doctor Hewitt says the risks involved are minimal and harm is rare Mayel’s believer her four daughters check in with doctor Hewitt every year. They say those popcorn sounds coming from their backs and necks leave them feeling the pain free. Jenny Hansen Quinn local 6. Now one large safety review a few years ago, did find a few serious injuries in children including one death. But there was no proof that spinal manipulation actually cause.

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