2 May 2015
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Chiropractic Neurology: Dr Carrick on ABC News

His methods are unorthodox, his critics are many, and yet a waiting list full of hope for patients leave that one man has a miracle cure that can help them reclaim their lives. All alternative treatments for the debilitating to diseases are not a new concept. One chiropractors, unusual brand of surgery for healing has made a major splash. ABC’s juju chang went in for a closer look.

Are you playing other sports besides the crush of hockey? Doctor asking a patient.

Will Arleens has a traumatic brain injury and is so sensitive to light. He wear sunglasses all the time.

How is your appetite? The Doctor added. And he answer, “Good”

His family believes that this doctor holds the key to a miraculous cure. Ted Carrick is a chiropractor by training who specializes in the brain.

The 17-year-old describes his migraines like a knife stabbing his brain. He can barely stand up on his own. And he has trouble moving his left arm. It all started with a vicious hit during a lacrosse game. The severe concussion sentiment to an eight-month tailspin.

Tell me what the downward spiral was like? The reporter’s ask. Will’s father answered, “He was pretty active kid, straightly student normally, and lacrosse game player in school in a couple weeks ago.”

It’s here at Life University in Marietta Georgia. Dr.Carrick is a pioneer in a field known as chiropractic neurology, a treatment he’s been perfecting for 33 years. When hockey superstar Sidney Crosby suffered serious concussions, he praise Dr.Carrick for saving his career. Carrick says its all about re-activating pathways in the brain by stimulating parts of the body.

Reporter’s said, “Is this a miracle cure?” Dr. Carrick answered and said, “Well I think miracles are things that only happen once in a while, and what we find is that the miracles that we see we’re seeing them frequently every day. So they’re not really miracles. What we do is amazing because a what humankind can do.”

In this exercise Dr. Carrick uses a full length mirror on Will to trick his mind’s eye with his own mirror image a healthy arm in order to reprogram his brain. A few minutes ago Will couldn’t lift his left arm without help, but now this.. For will its huge. But the big gun in Carrick arsenal is this machine. Which looks like it belongs to nasa. Carrick says the Gyrostim help stimulate parts of the brain that may be damaged.

Were you skeptical? What did you think coming in?

Will’s father answered, “I’m very skeptical but to the thing that really saw me was the first day we hear is watching is the passion of Dr. Carrick side.

Critics say, Carrick’s results don’t pass scientific muster and his success is often dismissed as placebo, meaning the patients feel better because they believe in his cure.

How can you be so sure that it’s not a placebo?

“Well, if it was placebo, we’re doing a pretty doing good job of that. We don’t do anything that was really original in our work. We just combine things that other people have done in a different fashion.” Dr. Carrick answered.

Yet despite the criticism most of Carrick’s patients are referred to him by neurologists and he says he has a months long waiting list.

Stacy Herbert travels over 900 miles to find out why she can’t walk more than a few steps without stumbling. A hands-on mother of two, she barely got out of bed for 10 long weeks.

You did these are movements and you reprogrammed for brain? Is that fair to say?

“Absolutely, and it happens very very quickly. I am very very carefully what’s happening with our eyes, with her head, the degree that her pupils are open or closed, and then her ability to track, and we find that if we do a certain motion and we get a different tracking me say this is going to have a good probability working.” Dr. Carrick answered

Overtime, Stacy conquers her biggest enemy. The pattern on the whole carpet.

It’s day three for will. For will, just doing that with his fingers is the first glimmer of hope. And is even able to swing his left arm. On average the week-long therapy costs $5000. For Stacy it’s worth every penny. When she gets home from the clinic she’s finally able to hug her kids on her own two feet.

“These are the glasses I used to wear 24 hours a day” Will Stated.

And will, who couldn’t tolerate any light is now able to get around without sunglasses. No longer on the sidelines, Will is slowly getting back in the game.

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