21 May 2015
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Chiropractic New Patient – Chiropractic Mistake #1

Hi my name is Tim McGarvey and in this short video I want to talk to you about one of the reasons that many chiropractors struggle to get new patients, and that reason is that their practice is invisible to their ideal patients.Now when I say that your practice is invisible to your ideal patients what I mean is that from your patient’s perspective you seen exactly the same as every other chiropractor in your local area. If you want to stand out from all the other chiropractors in your local area it can really do the same things that all the other chiropractors are doing and expect to get better results, you can present your chiropractic practice the saying as other chiropractors in your local area if you want to get more new patients get this is exactly what most chiropractors are doing in your local area they’re copying what they see other chiropractors doing.

Now listen think about this for just a minute, when you’re patient your ideal patient has to make a decision about which chiropractor in your area they’re gonna say why would they choose to visit your chiropractic practice over every other practice in your area. As a chiropractor you know that no one else provides the service and the quality of service that you provide, however it’s sad for the people that don’t know but you and especially considering the general perception that most people have about chiropractors you know this is a very hard message for you to get across, when your practice is invisible to your ideal patience not only is it hard to connect with those patients but when your practice seems exactly the same as every other chiropractic practice your ideal patient is only that a question the legitimacy of what you do even more.

It’s so important for you in your practice that you start to get focused on connecting with and becoming visible to your ideal patient one of the first questions that you need to ask yourself is who your ideal patient is, do you know who your ideal patients know for many small business owners not just chiropractors that’s a really hard question to answer without having to stop and think about it but listen when you know who your ideal customer is several things happen. Reaching them starts to get a lot easier connecting with them is easier you start learning how to speak their language and you begin to understand the problems that they have that you can help them solve, when you understand all of these things ultimately not only does it get easier to find and connect and communicate with your ideal patient was in it also gets cheaper. These are just a few of the reasons why you need to get clear about who your ideal customer is and what your plan is and how you can get focused on getting more becoming more visible to your ideal patients.

Hey this is Tim McGarvey I hope you got at least one idea or something to think about from this video, if your chiropractor and you want to know the five most crucial things that your website really has to include, if you wanna start attracting more patience was an I have a free guide that I want to give to you. This guide is titled the five simple secrets to a highly effective chiropractic website this guy has nothing at all to do with Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, or any other social media hide that you keep hearing about. This guide includes real solid information that you can start using today right now to help you start attracting more new patients in this guide. I’m gonna tell you how you can transform your current chiropractic website into a highly effective chiropractic website that attracts warning patients, educate your current patience and generates more income for your practice listen.

This guide has nothing at all to do with hiring I expensive web designer to redo your website or strategies for running Facebook Ads pay-per-click campaigns
banner ads or any this type of advertising when you probably already it tried that’s super expensive really doesn’t necessarily work all that well.

This is real practical information that you can start using right now to make changes to your website so that works more effectively to attract new patients and generate income for your practice, to learn more about how you can get this guide all you have to do is visit the website the did you see right here on the screen.

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