1 May 2015
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Chiropractic Realignment — The Doctors

Many have you do you need an active lifestyle and Heidi did as well she treasured biking running playing tennis but when she was accidentally thrown from a horse she suffered not only severe can concussion but also a massive neck injury that is lecture and constant unbearable pain we sent her to doctor pactor kar he specializes in chiropractic techniques that promised to help get her life back in order.

So tell me what is going on?
Very tight through here and up to the base of my skull
when we have put you back in alignment. Based on what I know about Heidi, she had a fall of course and it’s pretty far away to fall its dramatic when you land on your head any shifts away from the neck. Using the instrument we are going to realign how your head is on your neck we’re going to X-ray in and then we’re going to begin treating you making you feel a whole lot better. Here are hiding shoulders this is the first born your neck. You can see that high is not sitting level it is sitting filter. One things that happens when you come adjustment your right here is giving fall down, you feel it, we are going to use the instrument to send a vibration towards the top bone on the neck. I put the instrument directed towards the outwards and the in poll comes from the instrument right into the neck without cracking the neck. It is just a slight import and that happens it immediately changes the position of the head, so as we do this. The muscles start to begin to relax, and you can see the leg is coming down. When you look at the bottom on the heels this will about a half inch short. How is your neck?
Heidi say’s, It feels much more relax.

I think what we are going to see with Heidi is them wouldn’t give for the ability to function perfectly. I expect all her symptoms results completely.
Heidi say’s, I do not have a headache. I feel much better than I have a long time. It is grateful I turn 50 tomorrow and I feel better at fifty than a forty nine, there is no question about.
Chiropractor doctor Patrick Kerr perform the procedure Heidi, he’s here with us and first of all. Your smiling, you are moving your neck around. The only thing you are complain about how cold is in your.

Heidi say’s, I feel amazing have complete move my head I have no pain in my neck I haven’t had a headache, since Monday which is a complete change had a headache for months and months the tension that was moving up besides my hair is gone and my tempers much better
So how is this different than traditional techniques?

Dr. Patrick Kerr say’s, In most chiropractors procedures these manipulations cracking in the neck and head to try to reposition the Berber without also thought at all we use a specially designed instrumented gently realign how the At last the first bone in the neck sits underneath the head and it rebalances the entire spine.

So Patrick walk me through in this animation what’s going on inside the neck?
Dr. Patrick Kerr say’s, What you see here’s the top bone in the neck it sits right up underneath the skull and it should sit level with the center of the head being directly above the center above the neck. this instrument that we use send a vibration to gently reposition the Atlas directly to where it should be without the use of manipulation or cracking or pop in the neck.

showing on the skeleton how this procedure might work so this Skelton actually is really misaligned so when you look at the top bone in the neck it is right up underneath the skull if you look at this model you see how this is sitting tilted and actually in this Skeleton the spine shift away from where it should be so we would take an X-ray from the side from the front and from the top to get a three-dimensional view of how this Atlas bone and cervical spine sitting underneath the head. Once we have that we know how the patient is misaligned then we use this instrument may look scary but actually is very painless. We position the instrument right up underneath the head directed towards the top bone in the neck the patient doesn’t feel the adjustment it’s a vibration there’s nothing going into the neck other than a slight vibration so what the patient would be lying on their side had the instrument here the click up the instrument but not feeling anything to the neck. Now what that does it gently realize the Atlas reposition in the head and shifting the entire spine because it the atlas is misaligned the hips is also misaligned.
And look at Heidi’s before and after actually like issues clearly misaligned before these procedures run.

Dr. Patrick Kerr say’s, Right, on here’s a position at the Atlas that is unleveled and the cervical spine has shifted away from where it should be and here’s the post adjustment X-ray with the atlas down level Center at the head above the center the neck so that the brain tissue can communicate with the body.

And low trivia if you ever asses in Trivial Pursuit the way you remember that is atlas. That is the first bone act atlas is a great god who holds the world on your shoulders that’s how we learn in medical school. Absolutely, See, you never forget it. So this is clearly an effective technique but for people who can’t get this procedure what are things people can do at home to prevent these neck pains in the first place.

Dr. Patrick Kerr say’s, The first thing people should do is have proper sleeping positions stop sleeping on the stomach that is a big problem with the neck. Stop sleeping on the stomach. Stop talking on the phone with your head towards your shoulder because what that does is starts to misaligned the area and starts to shift your body.

And other things you know besides those thing quick tips
Dr. Patrick Kerr say’s, A big thing quick tips is an if you feel like you have to stretch or crack your neck you have a problem so we don’t recommend stretching the neck or certainly grabbing your head and twists in your head and may and trying to get it to move.
So don’t sleep on your stomach and don’t try to stretch your neck. Thank you doctor Kerr. Thank you Heidi good luck to you.

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