29 May 2015
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Chiropractic: Science or Superstition?

Chiropractic is an alternative form of medical treatment that is based on the premise advert berti subluxations interfere with the nervous system because many different kinds of health problems, the World Health Organization defines for berti subluxation as a lesion or dysfunction in a joint her motion segment in which alignment movement integrity and our physiological function are altered all the contact between joint surfaces remains intact.

The healthworks website says chiropractors treat with special attention to structural spinal musculoskeletal logical vascular, nutritional, emotional, and environmental relationships, all that simply from massaging and manipulating up your spine so who thought up chiropractic treatment Daniel D Palmer began his medical career practicing magnetic healing phrenology and holistic medicine. Chiropractic is a holistic practice he theorized
1895 after reportedly restoring a deaf janitor’s hearing by manipulating a lump on his back, not only is it holistic but Palmer said in a letter written 1911 that we must have a religious head one who was the founder as did Christ Muhammad Joseph Smith missus Eddie Martin Luther and others who founded religions.

I am The Fountainhead, I’m the founder of chiropractic in its science and its art its philosophy and in its religious faith, according to the founder chiropractic operate on the basis that everything is biologically connected has a spiritual element. It’s been over a hundred years since mister palmer came up with berti subluxations and how to treat them but little is changing the practice since then in his book essential principles of chiropractic published in 1984, the strength explains the hypothesis that when the vertebrae are out of alignment the nerve roots and or spinal cord can become peinture irritated.

However he also admits that while it may be the most commonly referenced hypothesis and easiest for patient understand it may be the least likely to occur, in fact just about the only evidence for chiropractic subjective NIS is chocked up to testimonials with no useful studies done our observations made by neurosurgeons orthopedic surgeons a radiologist which could support the theory. It’s true that back problems can produce problems in other parts of the body and the spine is connected to all of the nerves to the rest of our body but the Rangers treatment chiropractic promises, is just not realistic it can be beneficial to those with back pains and it may even temporarily appear to relieve tension in other areas but there is no evidence that it is useful for serious illnesses.

The problem with chiropractic is the same problem with the medical profession, its profession these people don’t wanna lose their jobs and some other buy into the fantastically imaginative things they’ve been told without doing unbiased necessary research to see if what they believe is true. There’s no shortage of clients willing to pay though so maybe they think the same as a chiropractor’s patient once said to me, I don’t care either way feels great. Like some other medical tools a past centuries chiropractors use motion X-rays surface EMG and digital thermography. Despite none of the showing any evidence for protecting berti subluxations and just as you might find with other pseudo-science is like function way our psychic readings different chiropractors tell patients different things about where their subluxations are how severe they are.

But what else would you expect when some subluxations are such a obey on a staff list concept, if the science is there they should be getting similar answers but investigative reporters have found just the opposite. But once again chiropractic is not entirely without merit there are some chiropractors who cut out the dog man though themselves moore’s therapist which is much more honest but still the equivalent of a trained professional masseuse, let’s make sure we don’t take the dog to the other end of the spectrum though as one chiropractor has stated that subluxations jeans gravity ego and life are all your Ristic devices useful fictions that are used to explain phenomena that are far larger than our understanding, that may be true the eagle in life but jeans and gravity are very different from subluxations because we have at least some consistent idea of what they are and we can also observe their effects.

So let’s not pretend it’s of no consequence especially when chiropractic can indeed be dangerous and Medicare finals our tax money to these people, don’t just take someone else’s word-for-word whether chiropractic patient boasting up there covering or even a medical professional do the research question the method and remember that spirituality superstition and science do not and should not mix.

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