24 April 2015
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Chiropractic Treatment for High Blood Pressure

GMA on call, millions of Americans take medication to lower their blood pressure. But new research suggests there may be a better solution. The idea is that some people may be able to toss their pills and visit a chiropractor instead. So how would it work and is this method right for everyone.
One in three adults suffers from high blood pressure. Nobody can say for sure what makes supplies but now a new medical study, is cautiously suggesting an unusual way to bring it down. Realign the spine.
Dr. Marshall Dickholtz, Jr (Chiropractor) says “On the spine is misaligned can fact all types of things all types of diseases conditions.
The idea is that the c-1 vertebra located at the top of the spine, operates like a fuse box in the body. When twisted he can pinch arteries and nerves at the base of the neck, not only causing discomfort but affecting blood flow too. Today Snyman suffer from neck pain. The upper bodies of two left two degrees and x-ray showed her C-one out of alignment. Special chiropractic adjustments lower the pain and her blood pressure at the same time.
“My blood pressure dropped tremendously”
Could there be a connection.
Dr. George Bakris say’s we designed a double-blind steady to really look and see if in fact this procedure was affecting blood pressure.
Twenty-five patients got the special adjustment, 25 others a fake one. The ones who got the real thing saw the blood pressure drop an average of 17 points, a different that usually takes two blood pressure medications to achieve.
“So pretty significant”
But before you run out and get your neck adjusted, you should know that only handful chiropractors are qualified to do this kind of thing. The study is still being reviewed and though blood pressure was still down eight weeks later, nobody can say for sure how long the adjustments will last.
I want to thank our fabulous Chicago station WLS for all their help on this story. Now for more the possible connection between your spine and your blood pressure our medical editor Dr. Tim Johnson joins us now from Boston. So Tim what do you think the study?
Dr. Tim Johnson say’s, well it is obviously very intriguing the idea that a simple manipulation of the neck might result in a very significant lower your blood pressure. There obvious limitations this study only fifty patients only for 25 treated only eight-week follow-up a very special kind of chiropractor training required. But it certainly is intriguing and deserves for the study and in fact, a larger study is now underway.
And so tell us how in theory how this works realigning the neck the spine?
Dr. Tim Johnson say’s, well the truth is we really do not know, but that vertebra at the top of the neck is in a very critical area where the brains stem, the lower part of the brain, is involved with the regulation of blood pressure. So it is theoretically imaginable that, changing the anatomy that area might have some effect on the regulation of blood pressure.
So people at home you know start to feel around the back of her neck right now saying so how do you know if it said alignment.
Dr. Tim Johnson say’s, well aside from having pain that might bring you to a doctor or to a chiropractor you really would not know unless you get an x-ray, and sold the intriguing question, with further study that verifies that this might be a possibility will be. How do we suggest which people go and get their necks X-rated maybe have this kind of manipulation, that a lot to sort out. But I am telling you the medical world will pay attention this because at the very significant drop in blood pressure. And eventually I think we will sort out which people should go and have their necks X-ray.
But that is a huge for those are badly when I heard about this yesterday my, mother has battle with high blood pressure to know that she has a call about a curvature of the spine and wanting to know because she is 84. So you have to know if this is right for each particular personal, also how long does it actually lasts are you get the style pills are you have to do every so often.
Dr. Tim Johnson say’s, See, we do not know that these people had just one manipulation and eight weeks later their pressure was still down. How long that will last is what will be required for further study, so lot about answer questions. But I’m telling you, this catches our attention because of the significant drop in blood pressure, it absolutely deserves more study.
And is hopeful now you can go to your doctor has USA make sure you check with your family doctor and ask about this and see what is right for you.
Dr. Tim Johnson say’s, I would not consider the chiropractor that come now the primary care doctor for people high blood pressure. That should absolutely go to their own doctor, but in talking with their doctor in for having some having neck problems they might want to entertain the idea. Looking at this especially will get more data sorted out.
All right Tim, thanks for the house call this morning certainly do appreciate it have a good day.

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