20 April 2015
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Chiropractor Videos MRI Contrast Study

Welcome to the perfect person engine marketing show, were gonna special segment by Christy Wilson perfect urologist in this segment specifically how are confident doctor can help the personal injury attorney, maximize the financial compensation legitimately for significant injuries and that’s what we’re talking about he wasn’t because that’s what he does and he’s very good at it. so the topic we’re talking about today is contrast studies with MRI’s
and held that can hold recover so happens that with that lost or oftentimes when a person gets injured the may have had previous injuries to the spinal cord and brain with me that surgical intervention sniper brainer shoulder were maybe and with contrast were able to see starring that may have affected those particular areas and highlight those regions where
we may see a greater believe tissues as a consequence a administering a contrast agent.

So a pre/post contrast imaging a areas that are suspected previously damage after a new automobile accident it is important to order to analyze and see if there’s anything new in there that we can see or something that’s a whole lot scar tissue that might have been no little greatly aggravated as a consequence of the uninjured, and you’re saying one of the factors is if the person’s head prior surgery this will be one of them indications have this fantastic, yes
stephon and what would be some love the other symptoms he said it also shown increase in the region is it because the the lesions are ready we because I was there would be more.

Well typically the contrast material show greater enhancement for scar tissue room and with this car chases president today in the areas it tends to be more fibrotic and as a consequence less elastic band and did with it chairs and reels causes a greater damage in the area and the contrast agent gadolinium will help to highlight that force a lot better give it is a little bit better picture as to what’s going on in that area. okay okay very good and when we’re talking to Christie was perfect the largest and the topic in years how incompetent doctor can help the person and you turn maximize the financial compensation for a truly legitimate insignificant injured okay and when is the chiropractic personal engine marketing shall we will see on
the next day section.

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