3 May 2015
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Chronic Ear Infections and Chiropractic Treatment

And parents who wanted this story, Dr. Marshall shows as an alternative to antibiotics for children with hearing infections.

Well if you ever heard a child screaming about an ear infection and I have one now, screaming about an ear infection, Well then you will know how quickly you want to help. But doctors say we are overusing antibiotics. The WBZ now commercially explains, parents who agree that skipping the pediatrician altogether may be the right move.

Cooper Leckford is a happy, healthy four year old. But that wasn’t always the case. He used to suffer from chronic ear infections.

Susan Leckford mother of cooper said, traditional treatments did little to ease her son suffering. “He was on antibiotics all winter and it just wasn’t helping you know. It go away, they come back, it will go away, they would come back.” Susan added.

Feeling frustrated and helpless, Susan finally decided to try something different. She took him to see Peter Martone a chiropractor who specializes in children.

“Chiropractic care is simply the art and science of aligning the spinal vertebra to take pressure up from the nerves and ultimately allow the body to heal itself. Martone explained.

Martone says, adjusting Cooper spine helps prevent fluid from building up inside the ears.

“So what happened with the adjustment, it allows for those ear canals to open up and then the ears will drain preventing any further infection.” Martone added.

Susan said, “To be honest, I am very skeptical, nervous about the chiropractor. You know, adjusting my baby.”

Martone explained, “I really don’t believe in what you do, I hear about all the time.”

There are some pediatricians who don’t believe in it either. But others say, it’s perfectly safe and may be worth a try.

“I’m very open to anything that’s benign and you know obviously that’s not going to hurt the child.” Dr. Linda Nelson said.

Dr. Martone’s busy waiting room is proof that more parents are willing to try chiropractic care. Cooper’s mom says her kids are proof that it works.

“This will be the third winter no antibiotics, new tylenol, no motrin. I just feel like they’re healthier.” Susan said.

Healthy kids make happier mom’s.

Doctor Malcolm Marshall, WBZ new.

Tylenol and a motrin I can’t believe that. The American Academy of Pediatrics has no official position on chiropractic care for kids and treatments are not covered by insurance. They cost between 30 and $40 per visit.

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