8 June 2015
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Consumer Reports Ranks Chiropractic #1 for Low Back Pain

In this morning’s Health Watch if you have said oh my! Aching back, at some point in your life you are not alone. A new Consumer Reports survey finds 80% of adult at 8 in 10 have experience back pain. It is an average of five or six treatments to alleviate the problem our own doctor Jennifer Ashton is here, with some like advice about this. Now this is not science this is a survey alright, and what’s the takeaway here.

“This is telling us, what I see every day in my practice. This is the most prevalent high common incident in ailment in this country. And it is also the most difficult to treat so it does not affect you now chances are good affect you at some,” says, Doctor Jennifer Ashton.

People in the survey said that thing that work best for them was?
“Believe it or not hands-on therapy so they are staying away from things like medication, prescription drugs or surgery. They are pursuing things like acupuncture chiropractic adjustment, massage things like that, which is interesting,” says, Doctor Jennifer Ashton.
I have gone through this a lot and you know run the whole roller coaster and had prescription drugs and all this other stuff. None of which works it seems to me prevention if you can get on the front side a bit you’re so much better off.

100% how are you could be a doctor in your spare life? You know that those treatment especially the prescription drugs that is a Band-Aid on the problem the best way to treat this is to not to get it in the first place. And that is core strengthening, posture as simple as a good mattress even,” says, Doctor Jennifer Ashton.

Even as I am good mattress, they are stretching exercises. I find yoga is very helpful there certain postures and yoga their fun nominally helpful in terms of that.
That is right; the problem unfortunately is by the time people get to that point. There in so much pain may need a quick fix and a lot of times that is prescription narcotics, which is actually probably the worst thing for it,” says, Doctor Jennifer Ashton.

The thing is, though it is very interesting is a lot of people want to get surgery that, I want to get over this some of the actually does work and has been successful for folks. But if you can show to wait it out lot of times it go away.

If you have a herniated disc and you have neurological symptoms surgery should be a last resort but it can be effectively. We now know that too much back surgery was done in the past and again prevention before it starts that is the key,” says, Doctor Jennifer Ashton. Alright Doctor Jennifer Ashton thanks you so much.

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