17 May 2015
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Dr. Brian McAulay Discusses the Increasing Demand for Chiropractors

The economy goes up and down. But the healthcare industry remains recession proof, and sends people always need healthcare. Employment opportunities for graduate with a degree in chiropractic are actually on the rise. That was Parker University’s president, Doctor Brian McCauley, can tell us more. You come with some good news today, Mister McCauley how are you? “It is good to me to a meeting to see you thanks for having us on,” McCauley said.

Give us the general outlook; have why, what chiropractic careers are and why they are on the rise? “Well, the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The US government on labor is telling us. That the demand for chiropractic is going to increase the need for chiropractors 28 percent. By the year 2020, so what that means is we are talking about the need for twenty thousand more chiropractors in the in the US economy in becoming years.” McCauley said.

So what’s the reason for this growth? Well there is a couple one is the baby boomers, me, included. Our aging and their knees for health care are increasing as they get older. And especially chiropractic care is ideally suited, to that the court it is a huge number of people. So that is one thing, but also people in general and more getting more interested in in a wellness orientation. They are not waiting getting sick and then taking a medicine, they want to do things proactively. In a kind of wellness lifestyle, so they can prevent the illness happening in the first place. And chiropractic is the world’s leading profession in facilitating that change.” McCauley said.

Okay, so let’s talk about the mechanics have the job. If someone’s interested in entering, what exactly does a chiropractor do on a daily basis? What is it mean or her mean function? “Well, the chiropractor. Chiropractic physician as they are called. They really health care professional for spinal health and wellness, so I mean everybody knows when you have a backache, neck ache or headache. That so you go to a chiropractor then some effective way. To treat that with what they call adjustments, with working with the spine. But more and more people are using chiropractic for their as their well most professional. So, they are working on them with fitness, and exercise and nutrition.” McCauley said.

Now so much more than just, that initial visit was intended to be. There so much the Wellness that’s involved with being a chiropractor. Exactly, that is the idea. So they may go with the back pain, but then they understand. That there’s a thing I can do with exercise, food and nutrition to impact their health. You know in a broader sense.” McCauley Said. What does it take exactly to get that chiropractic degree? Well it is a for academic year program in content it is similar to medical school or dental school I mean. The students study anatomy all the sciences and meteorology, Biochemist micro all that stuff. They study the clinical sciences, so diagnosis and then of course. The skills they need with their hands to help people get healthier and all that. And then they learn the skills to be to be successful in practice, because most care practice, you have their own practices as you see around the DFW.” McCauley said.

Okay, so that is a good thing to mention a career, in chiropractic would be and perhaps having their own practice eventually, that is what my most of them with friends had to do? “Yeah, most do, and that gives you of course an autonomy. So you can control your practice hours, and the nice thing is you never get laid off,” McCauley said. So, you never get laid off and obviously like we have demonstrated. It is kind ever session for this industry and the demand is great with baby boomers, so let’s talk about Parker University, how they prepare students? “Well, thanks they were, right here in Dallas and we have six thousand graduates, six thousand chiropractors practicing. All over the nation in the world, really, right here in the Metroplex we fifteen hundred. So most likely not a chiropractor on the corner, here she graduated from Parker. There is really, three things are students study. The study those academic subject, so that they are ready for national board exams. And Parker students by the time they graduate are well, in the ninety percent range in pass rates.” McCauley said.

And you have this at great session is going on Friday the 26/11 23 helping students prepare and getting more information. “Yes, it is a session where folks can meet with students and faculty. And summer the mission’s folks and find out how they can learn more about this great and growing profession.” McCauley said. Okay, are you from what I could lose, in really great options for those who are seeking a career change perhaps in DFW. Thank you so much mister McCauley nice to meet you. And for more information about new degree programs at Parker University log on to this website PARKER.EDU/FUTURE or call to 214-902-2429.

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