27 May 2015
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Dr. Gentempo Explains What Chiropractic Is

You watching 12 to your halton New Jersey, I am Carissa Lawson doctor desilva will be along in our next segment.
Chiropractors many people love and swear by them but a large portion of the population still lives in Seoul perhaps they had a bad experience with one particular doctor or they just do not understand this branch of the healing arts, so here address the myths and misconceptions of what chiropractors do when the show was some other technologies chiropractors are using is actor Patrick John Tembo owner up the chiropractic leadership alliance in morristown creator up what you are seeing before us right here some technology but before we get
all of this talk a little bit about the misconceptions.

Dr. Gentempo says, There’s a lot of misconceptions about chiropractic that you hear along the way, a lot of people think that we are about back and neck pain exclusively which although chiropractic, chiropractic is extremely effective for back and neck pain. It really has been discovered years ago and developed over the years as something that supports general health and well-being in very unique way.

You often have heard that chiropractors, they are not real doctors and of course it is a branch up the healing arts talk a little bit about that how do you respond to that.

Well I guess you have to depend on what your definition of a real doctor is, I think what people mean by that they’re not medical doctors in know what we are actually an exception to the Medical Practice Act. Were not even a subspecialty of Medicine like me podiatry might be and it’s nothing is no judgment better good,
but we have a distinct philosophy, we have distinct a your sciences, the stink are dispersed how we approach help in healing and in patient care.

Well has to get beyond the back is a lot of people just think I’m back problems maybe I can see a chiropractor but it’s more than just going about you back.

That’s right what most people come in many times for back problems originally that’s what drives them to the chiropractor although my own practice experience I’ve had people come in that we’re having challenges that we are getting solved in the medical realm and its reporters the chiropractic is not competitive with medicine I think that’s a lot people see all you know one might not like the other I work very well with with medical colleagues that are out there where we share patience and with my unique approach towards how I would handle patient care it added something to the dimension at that patient’s care that a medical doctor does not do.

So it sort of complementary,

It is and it’s in a sense its complementary and its unique and different
ideally chiropractic is more proactive in its care, no words let’s not wait for you to get sick and try to do something let’s keep you healthy so you don’t have to become a customer up the sick care system. Medicine is really sick care telepathic people, get sick and they want diagnose and treat diseases chiropractic although it’s very supportive people who might have lost their help in such a way what it really is about is keeping you healthy. So you do not need drugs, you do not need surgery it is more proactive it stands and now with this whole wellness revolution that is coming into the world.

Chiropractic is really kind expanding growing because we have such great training we do not do drugs and surgery, do not get that training in school, nor do we want it but what we want is noon knew more about nutrition know more about exercise. Know more about lifestyle choices and it really boils down to this essential thing everybody knows that lifestyle stress adversely affects your health. Sure but what lies in the middle those two things you get the stress you like will be here which at this point overwhelming bad economy war terrorism all the stuff that’s going on, in on this site you have your help people know that stress adversely affect their health but what lies in between those two things is a thing called you nervous system how stresses process that manages through the nervous system, you live your life through your nervous system so chiropractors do is evaluate your nervous system see how stress is affecting that and it’s causing disturbance and how you nervous system functions we want to release those disturbances so your body can heal regularly.

There’s a lot going on there, a lot going on here yes what is this technology we’re looking at, well that’s what exactly purpose the technology well I would do with the technology is measured very aspects have been neural performance are nervous system performance your body. So I can see is your nervous system bounds in healthy or is it under too much stress and your coming to it.

EMG is one of the surface electromyography, so basically have some video. Yes to that we do you see the sense is that we would use for that and basically a what we’re doing here is we’re measuring the electrical activity it’s giving up by muscles around your spine to see how muscle energy is being distributed around despite, if his efficient inefficient it will affect not only how your spine is function.

Will affect your whole body is less fairly new and is also rolling thermal as well right infrared thermal scanning a basically we can look at skin temperature patterns and it your order nomic system. Which is the part you nervous system which regulates the organs and glands your body, if it’s disturbed we can see that you’re looking at video, video you can see here too quick test takes 20 seconds of the spine completely non-invasive but will tell us. If you nervous system is under stress and dysfunction or if it’s but a function in a bouncing her mature harmonious way.

Okay a lot of folks also often think that once you go to a chiropractor
you have to keep going for life.

Yeah the answer to that question, is a question have to do anything right. But like seeing what you go to the gym you have to keep going back you want to eat healthy, you have to keep eating healthy it’s a lifestyle nest and that is the difference chiropractic is about treating specific conditions. Although we really help the poor people had many kinds of challenges, I had patience company with a variety of challenges like cancer like a TD like asthma I don’t read any those conditions new hire packet does but we can give them life style support to help them better address whatever their challenges might be so the answer is if you want have a healthy lifestyle chiropractic is a critical component of that lifestyle.

A lot of people don’t get that, right a lot of people really do not know that is one of the reasons why you want to talk about this in sort of clear all that up. Absolutely and again in which with strippers that is unique in other words is nobody else that does with a chiropractor does poses some people say, I get a massage, I do this, I do that, what we do is unique in these old thing support what we do but it is his own place again without and at that thing I could think he is.

Thank you very much for being with us, yes appreciated right fantastic.

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