22 May 2015
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Dr. Terry Schroeder – Sports Chiropractor and US Olympic Team Athlete and Coach

I’m Dr. Terry Schroeder and I’m chiropractor and also olympic water pool coach. I first watched the olympics sun TV when I was nine years old, and I sat with my dad and I told him up I was going to do that. And it became a dream and I was captured upswing, and captured by the whole olympic spirit and the olympic idea, if anything I during the day march in the opening ceremony in Los Angeles 1984. I felt like this when the noise was coming up here people chanting USA, USA, USA. At that moment I realize that dream come true and I was like I am in complite and representing in Unite States and you know in the olympic games and it is an incredible experience and I think going back to the coach.

I was able to enjoy it even that much more Chiropractic played a huge role in keeping healthy and the only four time olympian and for water pool united states. These athletes is olympic athletes know that any little thing can make a difference gold medalist so the medal or no medal at all.

Most race are won by sometimes one of one a second so every outfit is looking for that adds and so every guy I think on our olympic team was being adjusted pretty regularly some or more love it slower the kind of come on board and the say I want to do that, I want to try that but I say saw the other guys can respond and feeling good my shoulder feels so much better my neck feels so much better and one by one else maybe you can help me on you maybe I’m gonna perform little better soon.

Especially under pressure you gotta get used to coming here get our coming here in taken ball say French in my life now 1-2 medals and now we came back to put several medals as a coach. My gold medal in my life is chiropractor does on a daily basis I see lives changed. My brother and I both love my dad was american man in our home was his office and we watch patients come and that could hardly walk sometimes, when I walked out the room now they were laughing and smiling when my dad we’re we both like wow! you know he does some special get yourself ready be four o├žlock comes preparing your body.

Chiropractor spend my primary care and I think with most are family member that the same situation grew up seeing benefits chiropractor and you know it works. Chiropractor simple and it’s safe and it works unbelievably well, let’s go ahead must be speed breath and shoulders relax. I love it when I first time patient comes into my office because I get to introduce them what we do, we see comparison young moms and you know broken down weekend warriors and athletes either back pain or neck pain are probably the two biggest reason that people are coming to my office and through time helping them get over that injury, we try to teach him about staying healthy chiropractic care and maybe reducing some in the drugs that they have to take eating little bit better actually is a little bit better the processive.

No change in a person’s way of thinking and that is really kinda fun to do and to see that changes happen in people’s lives. You can help so many people with different ages for the problem and is fully accessible. I feel very blessed you know I’ve got a very abundant life that is been very full and chiropractor got a huge for life.

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