19 May 2015
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General Becky Halstead Explains the Benefits of Chiropractic to the Military

There’s fighting in war-torn countries army life is Iraq in top on bodies with the way to the equipment the lack of sleep, high stress, poor eating habits. Soldiers returning home have to deal with it all and the added cost at the VA is picked up by the taxpayer, but is there another way around this what can we do to decrease the pain and the expense but we’ve got the first female general to serve in Iraq and Afghanistan she is retired brigadier general Becky Halstead and she is here to explain a mission in general I believe I said your last name corrected I not.

You said a correct Yes Sir, actually I don’t want to drop and give you fourthy.
So you’re you’re speaking with a group of chiropractors today I understand,

Yes I am, I’m going to be spend of them about leadership and also about the importance of chiropractic care for been a full benefit from our military men and women.

I’ve never heard this subject before,

Well you know I don’t know why you haven’t heard before, I have gone to a chiropractor for several years I was diagnosed with chronic fire mile journey when I retire from the military what I did not realize was that in fact it was supposed to be a full benefit for military men and women. but in that chiropractic care wasn’t available at all of our clinics and so on when the foundation as if I would be a spokesperson for the foundation for chiropractic progress I said I would be more than thrilled to do that and tell my story because chiropractic care made a huge difference for me.

I’d served in Iraq for a year was a commanding general in Iraq I just what I don’t wanna say for the record, I am I wasn’t the first female general to serve in Iraq or Afghanistan. I was the first female to command soldiers in Iraq, and there’s a little bit of a difference and I just wanna make sure that’s clear so I don’t know we pull that off your press release that’s good to know I just I don’t want
to shattered my other a fellow generals.

Let me ask you this, the is far is it serving today in the army the the concept the
up the modern army today you would think that everything is lighter, more compact the gear is not as heavy as look let’s compare it to be at vietnam or World War two. This is that true?

You know I don’t know that I would say that it’s lighter, I would say it’s definitely more lethal. We are far more protected which gives us great confidence to our soldiers, but you know I way the 110 and probably with all my full combat gear on you know I was pushing close to 170. you know because it’s a no bulletproof vest, your Kevlar helmet, your weapon and we can’t tend to add more more solder to protect the soldier.

And and we understand that and we recourse appreciate, that on but what it does it takes a great tool I on your spine, on your muscles I and you know I just yet a chiropractor the if I walk into my office my doctor chiropractic. I’ll always come other feeling better I can’t say that about other doctors I go to see, right I may I do feel good to them I and diagnose what’s wrong but I find immediate relief for the just mince with the whole wellness approach and our military is about readiness so you know.

What’s important such a general thank you so much for coming in today, thank you for allowing me to speak on behalf of my short answer your efforts maybe maybe some changes will be made I hope so thank you very much you’re welcome.

Margie all right John thank you!

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