22 April 2015
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ICPA – Chiropractic in Pregnancy for Safer Births

Basic understanding of care practices at the central nervous system the brain and the spinal cord carries a message is throughout the whole body nervous system isn’t integral part of our whole health our body’s ability to function the way that natural birth when the baby is coming at the to do a complete rotation to Kaman added the motherland it’s unfortunate in our society what we’re doing with whom we have them lying on their backs per se which makes the birth process all more difficult she was allowed to get up and move around emotional mom and gravity would help to prop absolutely and make it less stressful on the child sure the more medically assisted the more interventions used in the birth process the more interventions that leads to and yes the documentation research shows that those birth have more trauma to his right nervous system

She’s pregnant every she’s gaining more weight that’s changing her posture and she’s trying to
keep up with that in adapt to that she’s out of alignment it’s so much harder she’s in alignment her nervous system functions better and her whole pelvis is better in a Lima going to allow that baby to line up better for birth the rate is going to hire people are under the impression that a c-section is easier than a natural birth well I don’t want the pain of a natural birth and i wanna be there to pick the day and it’s just wait a minute this is a major abdominal surgery for the mother and recovery could be for a long time you women who had C-section the sensation that they kinda felt like they were getting lifted off the table that’s usually the baby’s head that they’re pulling and lifting the mother’s weight baby.

If their head is tilted of maybe one way or another
or rotated to one side or to the other live them down you look them just a little tilting going off maybe see the hip kinda you can’t see the a little bit of distortion there that may very well indicate misalignment affecting the nervous system affecting the babies pasture and that’s a good indication to have your baby check so it’s very like force very non-invasive most babies as I said they could be sleeping and you could just do the adjustment in the the body is unable to adapt to its environs human organism is phenomenal and the key to healthy life is that tation process rain when are nervous system can’t assist us in adapting to our environment we have to change the environment we have to strengthen our ability to adapt so kids with chronic infections or behavior disorders those nervous systems are not functioning enough to be able to adapt the way that they need everything is related to the nervous system.

So it’s not per se what’s the particular symptom but wants what’s the body unable to do in terms of maximum function and let’s see how we can allow that body to function the way that it that it needs to in and enhance when know that physical emotional chemical stress affects nerve system function and so let’s look at the physical emotional chemical stress that we are subjected to in our lives living in this typical American lifestyle and what what will we do to to help ourselves be aware of those stressors make the choice is accordingly to allow yourself to be stressed or not and then to enhance are nervous system’s ability to deal with the stress the character does is palpate which is to feel the cranium the spine the muscles to feel the a reserve the spine that are producing nerve system stress misalignment stresses actually recorded spine yes after speak sure and its them the surrounding muscles and tissues that identified that that that’s how we identify those areas and then we make our adjustments to begin the process have
opening up that area for healing for reducing stress to the nervous system to restore function to the nervous system to restore function to the whole body.

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