9 June 2015
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Kids and Chiropractic: Is it Safe?

When I began work on this story, all I knew about chiropractors is this and this is and of course this. So you can just imagine my horror at the thought of infants and toddlers coming in for an adjustment. This baby is just four months old. Doctor Beth Forgosh works in the trendy Soho neighborhood in Manhattan she is an experienced hand with moms and kids. She is quick to point out that kids are not her specialty but she has a gentle touch and the moms keep bringing them in. But the only thing that does not look very nurturing is that metal tool there kind of like a dental syringe. Her sister Naiad two-and-a-half, their mom is nine months pregnant. At times it seems almost mystical this laying on of hands. Toddler lies on her mother’s belly. Doctor Beth says she can feel through the tension in the mother’s arm, we are not needs an adjustment.

The other big question does it help? Doctor Beth insists it can with all sorts of problem. Some other chiropractors even say these types of adjustments have been known to help with teething, asthma and bed-wetting. Many medical doctors are skeptical. You probably won not find a more open minded physician and Doctor Lonnie Seltzer her pediatric pain program at UCLA employs all sorts have alternative approaches. She says there simply have not been enough studies done to prove it is effective. Doctor Beth says she has never injured child. You clearly take great care to do no harm. And Doctor Beth she acknowledges chiropractic care is not for everyone.

“Nobody’s forcing anybody and into chiropractic that care it is just an available tool,”
But she encourages people including the parents have young kids to keep an open mind. And I am David Wright for nightline, in New York. Cloud Chiropractic, Wellness and Rehab Center offers DTS spinal decompression therapy to our patients please contact us with any questions you may have at 562 691 back or visit us online at www.GoSeeDrCloud.com.

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