8 May 2015
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Lake Worth Chiropractic Interview PT 1

Welcome to this edition a Phenomenal Health, I am doctor Jack Hockings. They are going to be discussing, why chiropractic has become so popular with one of Florida’s leading experts? Your suffer with any kind of pain and you are looking for a natural way to treat it any better stay tuned. You really going to love this show don’t go away we’ll be right back.

Welcome to phenomenal Health. Phenomenal Health is informative and exciting. Phenomenal help interviews leading experts in all areas in health care, so you become a much more important consumer. Now here is your host, Doctor Jeff hockey.

Welcome back, I am doctor jack talking then you watching Phenomenal Health. I am very fortunate to have with me today, Doctor Sabrina Morgen who is doctor of chiropractic. Doctor Morgen received her undergraduate training at the University of Florida, and graduated in 1997 from Los Angeles College of Chiropractic, when the best colleges in the country, and is board-certified doctor chiropractic.

Doctor Morgen has been featured three times in the publication on call the journal the Palm Beach County Medical Society on the topics a pregnancy in chiropractic medicine the role chiropractic in treating headaches, spinal injuries and whiplash, he is also appeared on the TV show a “woman’s place” discussing pediatric chiropractic in mind-body medicine. Doctor Morgen is also certified in the Webster in euro technique. Doctor Morgen, has been practicing the Lake Worth area for seven years and he is here today to discuss why chiropractic has become so popular.

Welcome to the show.

“Thank you.” Say’s Doctor Sabrina Morgen
Really glad you are here when you take some time in your busy schedule to come on explain to the people in your area exactly what I practically all about and why it is become so popular. The first question I have for you is want to tell people watching, why I decided said after practice in the Lake Worth area?

“Well doctor and I found office condominium in you know they were purchased the Western Lake Worth area it’s a great area with a lot of families, community area and the lot of group,” Say’s Doctor Morgen.

Okay no one to tell people why decided to become doctor chiropractic?
“Well, my sister had been in a car accident and she was experience terrible headaches and nausea which is numinous down the legs. And after about six weeks the chiropractic care, it help significantly more drugs and other time to therapy had not helped her,” say’s Doctor Morgen.
Okay let me think, I do a lot of Interview about chiropractic across the country and I was without fail. The reason why they decided to become the chiropractic because of some kind a personal experience if had, your medicine failed. Chiropractic helps now that is why they decided to become chiropractic so it is very interesting. Next question is, in my research for paint for doing the show a country like the chiropractor has become extremely popular in the last fifteen twenty years for maybe before was it. So why do you think chiropractic is becoming so popular now?

“Well, chiropractic is extremely popular Franklin because it works. It is very safe and effective and again a lot of times people are sick and tired of taking medications and recommend for surgery that may or may not help them with minimal results,” say’s Doctor Morgen.
Okay, suffer people are watching who have never been new chiropractor maybe do not know anything about a lot you explain what is exactly, what chiropractic is.

“Oh sure, let me too utilized or demonstrate on spin. And basically what happened to the brain which is on top of the Oxford, on the brainstem the spinal cord passes through the entire on final column. And each of these, white parts here are the vertebral bodies were different bones spin. And in between them are the disk space is that you see here these are the jelly material that acts as a shock absorber. Now these parts here where you see the yellow lines these are the nerves to exit the spinal cord.

And basically what happen each nerve controls not just whether we have pain but also any type of organ or system in the body, depending where that nerd is exiting from. So for example, if a person has these bones can actually sleep at alignment and every person has a misalignment. Let’s say in the neck it could actually put pressure on the nerves the command in the neck the group ahead in cause headaches. And that can happen between any the nerves that exit the spin its bone binder movable and each other motions,” say’s Doctor Morgen.

Okay the basis that the bones at misaligned impinges on one of those nerves, anywhere down the spine that some kind of pain or malfunction the body?

“Exactly,” say’s Doctor Morgen.
Okay so now as the chiropractor when you find out that the bones are misaligned like you just mention how do you we adjust those are realigned those were to break?

“What a great question, but we do is basically analyzed where the misalignments are by palpation which is simply checking the spine to see. You know in which joint is out of alignment, and basically use our hands we gently realign spine and using the transverse process which is the Sparta Berber here, which gently realigned the spin,” say’s Doctor Morgen.

Okay, and then by doing that take the pressure off in nerve?
“Absolutely, take the pressure off the nerve and not only lifetime reduces pain. But also helps the body to heal itself,” say’s Doctor Morgen.

Okay, now when you do that with your hand. When you realign the spin back in a place like, that what does it feel like. When you do that as chiropractic?
“But now it feels great a lot of times people will say they, experience like kind of a natural high and we are fairly for help from feel a lot better immediately,” say’s Doctor Morgen.

Okay now in your office you really focus on, correcting a person spine in their problem not just a limiting their symptoms, which is what typically way medications you a discover that the symptoms. So explain a little bit about your philosophy on that, and how you go about really focusing on correcting the problem not just getting somebody had a pain.

“Sure, what we do is by analyzing the spine we can see on where the misalignments are. And basically we check from then there is a command that area, so for example you have someone comes in with lower back pain we can check the lower back area theaters misalignments in that area. And my gently realign that area that will help to take the pressure off the nerve allow the body to heal itself,” say’s Doctor Morgen.

Okay now what services do you provide in your office?
We offer obviously chiropractic and also physical therapy, massage therapy, we offer laser light therapy. Which is also very effective in helping a multitude of conditions and we also do diagnostic services, X-rays, ultrasound, nerve testing and MRI’s,” say’s Doctor Morgen.

Okay so kinds a sound like a one stop shops you really have a lot of different services under one roof. So people have to go all over the place a very different thing it was. Explained to some more about this laser light therapy, how does that work and what does it do.

The laser light therapy is a non-invasive on non-surgical approach to helping people feel better. And it is very effective for a multitude of conditions specifically carpal tunnel syndrome, psoriatic arthritis, plantar psoriasis, frozen shoulder and even neuropathy and fibromyalgia. And it works by helping the body to, we program itself in a load cells to appeal,” say’s Doctor Morgen.

Okay, so how does that work as a line and you can hold on the different carrier.
“Exactly the red infrared laser light and it works by on introduce the frequency healing frequently into the tissues that allows our bodies start healing itself,” say’s Doctor Morgen.

Okay, let’s become really popular as laser treatment the last couple years a lot over after using and i know it is really phenomenal someone is different conditions. So I know what you want to give people a gift right now there but I know that there are people watching fight that you want to give them a gift for watching so what is that right now.

“Sure, anyone watching tonight up they calling our office at the number below they would there are able to come in for come for a consultation worth three hundred dollar value,” say’s Doctor Morgen.

Okay and what is that consultation include?
“A consultation includes, basically we do word consultation as from another hit health history they fill out some forms and we do a thorough exam and detail analysis and see if we can help them,” say’s Doctor Morgen.

Okay, that is great and behalf of the people watching what is thank you for doing that because that’s really generous. And that’s a really nice way for people to come in at no charge that is really find out if you can help them or not.

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