25 May 2015
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Medical Mystery Healed By Chiropractor

the world this fall medical mysteries but two Minnesota parents are realizing the toughest questions sometimes the simplest have answers. It’s hard to imagine little Queenie and avorustin unable to play move or even lie down without screaming in pain, while at all are you are but for parents chad and Natalie it’s hard to forget. She wake up three four five times a night screaming in uncontrollable pain uncontrollable pain, which obviously is parent make sure your hardest a ache is really really difficult. Even Queen were born with a painful combination of elements, so severe acid reflux food allergies club feet the list goes on, horrible it was the worst thing in the world and the worst part no one knew what was wrong you know really roulade any sorta major it illness that may be cutting and everything medically came out normal.

The rustin spent thousands of dollars a month on doctors appointments and prescriptions trying to find answers, after months of their own research they turned to Johnson spinal care in Apple Valley for a procedure called Nooka. It’s performed by only about 200 doctors in the world, Nooka deals almost entirely with the very top part of the NACK, this is a model of that very top bone that top bone known as the Atlas or c-1 vertebrae holds the brainstem in some patients that bone can shift putting pressure on the spinal cord.

What complicates matters in the upper cervical spine is the fact that I neurologically it’s like Grand Central Station doctor Johnson discovered Quinne and Avis Alice was shifted to the right, putting pressure on the nerves that influence the digestive system when the pressure was released the ailments disappeared. I’ll never forget it because he
set my son a ann setin and we find them and I just like it you know my kids said have you seen them but he was right you know about 23 days after he held that adjustment we’re taking off all with medication was amazing.

An amazing transformation for to deserving kids, he’s happy little gag and hope for two parents who just want to forget. I want to make sure that that we don’t ever see it again we don’t come back yeah I’ve ever, nope is not only used for children actually its more on the practice on adults with back pain and neck pain headaches they can even help some poor facing surgery for more information log on to our website at my fax9.com in the newsroom in corner kicks Fox 9 News. Cloud chiropractic wellness in rehab now offers DTS spinal decompression therapy to our patients please contact us with any questions you may have at 562 691 back or visit us online at www.GoSeeDoctorCloud.com

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