2 June 2015
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Proven Benefits of Chiropractic Care Beyond Just Pain Relief

Hi my name is Kimberly but most people call me Kim, I like my job love, my family, but always hated my back pain that would pop up now and then at the worst possible time. I tried medications but that just dulled the pain and I found myself needing to take more and more. So I decided to give chiropractic a try the chiropractor diagnose my problem as a subluxation, a sub-lux likes what I said a subluxation he explained is when one or spinal bones shift have normal alignment and get stuck that way, the subluxated or misaligned spinal bones result in conditions such as pensioners muscle spasm and of course pain. And that’s what chiropractors specialize in finding and fixing subluxation but hang on a second, how the heck did I get some subluxation in the first place.

It turns out subluxation can result from a lot of things like an auto accident, slip and fall, bad sleeping positions, for work pastor or even from just good old-fashioned stress. But that’s just the beginning subluxations can result in more than pain in the back or neck, they can actually interfere with the proper transmission of nerve signals from your brain and spinal cord to vital organs like the bladder and intestines causing them to function less efficiently or even improperly.

and if left uncorrected subluxations may lead to bigger problems such as degenerative arthritis in the desks and joints of the spine, but here’s the kicker just like when someone suffers a stroke or heart attack they can feel the artery slowly getting blocked until it’s too late you can feel the spinal bone slowly getting out of alignment until one day bend over to pick something up for trying to get out of bed an out-of-nowhere .

The reality is that between hunching over computers for hours on end doing yard work chasing kids and not to mention injuries spinal bones are only is going to somehow get out of alignment, and the only way to know if you have subluxation is to periodically get yourself and your family checked, that’s where the Philosophy be able wellness and prevention lifestyle comes into play even though my pain is gone I go in every couple weeks to get my spine checked and any subluxation realign, so I can not only prevent neck and back pain but at the same time ensure optimal organ function and prevent more debilitating condition such as degenerative joint disease from sneaking up on me.
And now I live the life that low back pain better posture and more energy I’m Kim and I love my family crackdown and i’m so happy I found express chiropractic and wellness.

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