West Virginia Board of Chiropractic
415 1/2 D Street, Suite #6
P. O. Box 8532
South Charleston, WV  25303

Any WV licensed chiropractor may use any instrument or procedure, for the purpose of diagnosis and analysis of disease or abnormalities, provided, that the person is:

  1. Trained to perform the procedures and use of the instruments through a chiropractic college approved by the Council on Chiropractic Education (CCE) or its successor, or
  2. Any chiropractor properly qualified may engage in the use of physiotherapeutic devices, physiotherapeutic modalities, physical therapy and physical therapy techniques.

Licensed chiropractors may also employ properly trained chiropractic assistants to perform duties, under supervision, that are generally conducted by chiropractic assistants which are not otherwise prohibited by the Board. 

A licensed chiropractor may not engage in conduct outside this scope and beyond his or her training and knowledge.

To obtain a copy of the Rules & Regulations of Chiropractic Practice, please visit:


Click; “Administrative Law”

Click; “Search for Rules”

Click; “Code of State Rules”

Click;  “Title/Series:”

Search for:  4-01 – – Begin Search

Scroll down and click on “Regulation of Chiropractic Practice”

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To obtain a copy of Article 16, Chapter 30 of the State Code, please visit:


Click; “Administrative Law”

Click; “WV Code”

Far Left; drop down box; scroll down to “Chapter 30. Professions & Occupations” – – Click go

Far Left; scroll down and click on “16 – Chiropractors”